Oils and Acrylic Signed Original Paintings

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About the Artist

I love all things to do with the environment. I love horses and once owned my own pony Daniel.  Painting has always been in the background of my life.  But now in retirement it’s a precious pleasure.  I feel privileged to have the opportunity to sell my work and by so doing share my love for the outdoor world.  Now that I suffer from MS, as I paint, I feel as if I’m revisiting places which because of mobility limitations I probably will never reach again.  Painting in oils is a wonderful release of tensions, when for a time I can melt away into memories and dreams of better times.  I hope you enjoy my work and might return again to look for any new work which I listed, either simply to view, or to purchase if the painting touches your inner senses enough to want to give it a good home.


Who am I?


I love to paint in oils and now I am retired I can follow my heart and paint whatever touches me where ever I go.  A painting can evoke all sorts of emotions.  Something special to hang in your wall which has been carefully hand painted, not mass produced.  These are unique one off paintings of all manner of subjects.  Often, places I have visited and remember with fondness.